Alister Christie demonstrates the new Visual LiveBindings.
Alister Christie uses Anchors and Visual LiveBindings as part of recreating the classic FishFact example.
Stephen Ball demonstrates binding to the columns of a TStringGrid using Visual LiveBindings.
Malcolm Groves begins a series on BindSources which are the replacement for XE2 BindScopes.
Jim Tierney has an extensive series of articles on XE3 Visual LiveBindings.
Stephen Ball has an introductory video for Visual LiveBindings showing their use in VCL, FireMonkey and Metropolis applications.
David I has some short videos on
On day 1 of CodeRage 7, Sarina Dupont and Henry Liu introduce how to connect UI controls to datasets using Visual LiveBindings.
On day 2 of CodeRage 7, Cary Jensen looks at the internals of LiveBindinds and how the expression engine can be used to implement powerful side effects.
On day 3 of CodeRage 7, Jim Tierney shows how to bind source components and adapter components to link non-db data. He shows how to use intermediate fields, how to link controls to user-defined TObjects, and how to create custom adapter components.
Cary Jensen has a good post discussing the theory behind LiveBindings along with some code examples.
Cary Jensen discusses some of the concepts of LiveBindings.
Jim Tierney shows how to use LiveBindings to fill a TListBox at designtime with a TClientDataSet
at runtime with a TClientDataSet
at runtime with an enumerable object (an object that implements GetEnumerator e.g. a TStrings or TList<>)
On Day 1 of CodeRage 6, Jim Tierney introduces LiveBindings and describes the architecture behind them.
On Day 1 of CodeRage 6, Jim Tierney demonstrates using LiveBindings to populate lists, bind controls to TDataSets and to custom data.
On Day 1 of CodeRage 6, Marco Cantu introduces LiveBindings with practical examples focusing mainly on the VCL.
Felix Colibri starts at the beginning but gets quite in depth with LiveBindings.
Stefaan Lesage has a comprehensive white paper on LiveBindings.
Lachlan Gemmell has a detailed step by step walkthrough on using LiveBindings with FireMonkey
and the VCL
David I demonstrates via video how to use method calls in LiveBinding expressions to do conditional tests. David I also demonstrates how to use LiveBindings in your VCL applications.
As part of the 24 hours of Delphi, Cary Jensen gives an introduction to LiveBindings for Delphi and FireMonkey and takes questions from the attendees.
Cary Jenson discusses the merits of using LiveBindings to introduce side-effects when writing binding expressions.
Jarrod Hollingworth describes how to create LiveBindings in code rather than at designtime.
Rodrigo Ruz describes how to biuld compile and evaluate binding expressions using the lower level methods of the expression evaluator rather than the TBindingExpression.
Vsevolod Leonov tries out using LiveBindings for controlling a 3D FireMonkey object.
Damien Bootsma has a series of introductor posts on LiveBindings.