FastMM memory manager
Pierre le Riche the author of FastMM describes how it differs from the memory manager previously provided with Delphi.
Alan Bauer details the performance gains that resulted in the Delphi IDE from moving to FastMM.
Hallvard Vassbotn explains why FastMM was made the default memory manager in D2006 and how to extend it using the full version.
Jeroen Pluimers introduces FastMM and explores the options available with the full version.
then describes how he uses FastMM to track down memory leaks related to interfaces.
Alan Fletcher provides some assistance with configuring the full version of FastMM.
Primoz shows how to make some modifications to FastMM to break into the IDE debugger at the time when a memory leak occurs.
Francoise Piette gives a quick introduction to FastMM and also describes how to use madExcept to find memory leaks.