Third Party
Statements from various third party vendors about their support for FireMonkey.
Jeremy North's Plus Pack and JSDialog Pack
Asphyre Sphinx 2 - game development framework
ApeSuite - a growing commercial collection of visual FireMonkey components
FFMPEG Convertor for FireMonkey 4 - wraps the FFMPEG cross platform audio/video recording, converting and streaming APIs.
WebSockets for Delphi - Allows you to create WebSockets servers and clients, IntraWeb clients in VCL, FPC and FireMonkey.
FireDataGrid - An advanced grid replacement that can be connected to a traditional TDataSource.
WebFMX - Runs a FireMonkey desktop application as a web application by drawing the FMX OpenGL instructions on a HTML5 browser canvas.
TeeChart - CHarting software
RemObjects announces future support for XE2.
Hydra allows mixing of VCL, FireMonkey and .NET in the same application.
Jim McKeeth shows how you can combining FireMonkey forms into a VCL application using RemObjects’ Hydra.
Marc Hoffman discusses whether you should buy their "for Delphi" or their "for Xcode" products if you want to target iOS.
On day 3 of CodeRage 6, Sebastian Gingter demonstrates using RemObjects Hydra to mix VCL, FireMonkey and .NET within the same application.
TMS Software
TMS has grouped all their FireMonkey components together into a single pack
TMS discusses their new cross platform grid component
TMS releases their first set of FireMonkey controls and discusses the implications of this for the future of their VCL and FireMonkey controls.
TMS Instrumentation Workshop for FireMonkey
As part of the 24 hours of Delphi Bruno Fierens demonstrates the TMS Instrumentation Workshop for FireMonkey component suite.
TMS discusses the port of their FlexCel 5 spreadsheet component from VCL to FireMonkey.
TMS TableView for FireMonkey component
Mitov Software
Mitov Software - Audio/Visual processing components
On day 4 of CodeRage 6, Boian Mitov demonstrates the Mitov SOftare Video and Audio components for FireMonkey.