Herbert Sauro describes how to apply a style to a FireMonkey application.
Felix Colibri's comprehensive introduction to FireMonkey styles.
As an illustration of how FireMonkey styles operate Felix Colibri builds a Style Explorer application.
Rodrigo Ruz shows how to fine tune the colouring of a FireMonkey style.
On day 2 of CodeRage 6, Ray Konopka demonstrates how VCL styles can be used to transform the look of a VCL application.
Roger Connell discusses a way to change the colour of a FireMonkey TEdit without creating a custom style.
Mike Sutton announces his freeware MonkeyRecolor application which can completely change the colour scheme of any FireMonkey style.
Mike Sutton discusses changing the colors of FireMonkey styles using his MonkeyRecolor utility.
Ray Konopka discusses changing the font size in a TStringGrid.
Chris Rolliston discusses why you can't change the color of a FireMonkey TPanel and what to use instead.
Jeremy North shows how to workaround some bugs in the default FireMonkey styles supplied for iOS.
Rodrigo Ruz shows how to overcome the problem of the TDBGrid ignoring your custom colours for columns and fonts when you use VCL styles.
Mike Sutton introduces the component parts of a style.
Vsevolod Leonov shows how to use styles to make a blinking button.
Chris Rolliston shows how to more closely inspect the new platform styles that mimic the controls from Windows and OSX.
Jeremy North thinks that the TStyleTag component was mistakenly omitted from the component palette and provides a package to add it back in. A TStyleTag allows you to store an optional value with a style definition and is used in some of the default FireMonkey styles.
Jeremy adds registration of the TFontObject and TBrushObject to his package.
Jeremy North shows how to improve the default Popup Menu style for OSX to be more native in it's appearance.
Eugene Kryukov describes the new bitmap styles functionality in FireMonkey 2.
Eugene Kryukov discusses the improved runtime performance of styles and how to correctly use the OnApplyStyleLookup event when loading data into a control.
Chris Rolliston shows his workaround for suppressing the FireMonkey highlighting when dragging list boxes to grids.
Alexey Sharagin discusses the new FMX style related properties and features introduced in Delphi XE3.
Mike Sutton answers the simple question, how do you change the colour of a panel in FireMonkey?
Stephen Ball demonstrates the use of styles within a listbox that via RTTI supports dynamic object editing in his Business Display Demo application.
Marco Cantu has created a property editor for the textual definition of a StyleBook. He also discusses the pros and cons of using the global TStyleManager rather than the StyleBook component.